a thousand wines project



Telling me to consider a new form, new song, new shape of Syrah’s hold. Moving wildness and peripatetic pulse and gaze from this purist Rhône sway.  Assuring berry climb and more picturesque arrangement of palate and poise.  After the third or fourth sip, I could feel the narration further settle it rhythm and taste rate.  This is antithetical to that lazy Syrah stereotype that I’ve so frequently met and seen stretch.  Another lesson, another meditation, collection of self in this personification, oration, poetic station.  Beacon of body and togetherness the more she’s let to get into performance mode, ready for recital.  Opened at 6:15, about, and sipped nearly immediately.  I wanted the character in her most truest and prophetic of flights.  Didn’t have another glass until near an hour after I brought her to counter, invited her to read her alchemical pages, verses.  Now I saw her songs, new…

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