09:34—  Should count register, open wines,

img_7859but I’m in my wined mood and mode.  I will in a second, avowed.  But now, I look left and see the tanks reflecting the large overhead and very mighty lights I just turned on.  My jazz… having me in a Christmas spirit of sorts but more a new year’s charge.  2018 will be THE year.  Thought ’17 would be, and several splendid transactions resulted in ’17, but ’18 will be a wild succession of victories for me.

Waiting for friend Hannah to get here… putting self more in wild wine character.. singing saxophone from Coltrane, the “Vodka” track, and me it’s wine, the Cabernet and the Pinot, that ’13 Merlot… I’m following where she tells me to go, my wined apparition—extending across varietals and universal voices.  Hoping we close early, but then I don’t at all.

09:37— not interested in setting up.  Wait, I am… write about everything in this day, all duties and tasks, sales and guests.  Have one tour, I think at 12:30.  Will be quick with it, not going to see Bison.  Only vines and wine centeredness.  Wine… each wine saying something different to me yesterday and especially the day before, giving certain orders and commands but also disclosing humble wishes, how she wants to be seen, tasted, heard, felt.