Daylight Savings

Gain an hour and used it.  Woke with little Kerouac— shaved, shower, ironed.. ready at 07:27.  2nd day of wine event.  Need to record more.  Write all ideas— yesterday behind bar thinking about my Kerouac paper, his mention of motion, and the relevance and performance and pertinence of wine’s symbolism.  Lecturing on… or just sharing ideas.  All since 06:00 when me and my little poet woke.

Sipping coffee… launching soon.  Tired of ellipsis.  Or is it ellipses?  I should know.  Or maybe I don’t need to as I plan and using them less and less.

Group of drunk older people at day’s end, yester’.  Annoying.  Loud.  Cursing and one woman crying.  Made me pause, sick, annoyed and reflective.  Don’t want to touch wine, now.  Just write about it.