10:11 on this “professional development” day.  I can develop myself, professionally, myself.  Thinking of leaving the adjunct cell in a bit.  Head to friend’s winery, take some pictures, maybe get a bit of harvest footage…. Want to check out a camera store in Santa Rosa, if there is on and I’m quite sure there is somewhere—  I get this is terribly interesting reading, I’m just informing you what’s in the writer’s head, and I’m sure you’re so glad, aren’t you…

Hungry.  Do I go somewhere and eat?  Do something out of character?  Go to the Diner Café?  Or somewhere new?  I have to take all of this day into my story, into my Now…  All of it.  Listening to jazz in this shared office for adjunct instructors, I have to keep going, not get too relaxed or lazy, complacent… don’t consider this a day off.  It’s not!

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