Class finished, and done chatting

with retired full-timer, Craig, one of my favorite fullies in the department, easily.  I’m back at the table… have one bit of business to address today, then have most of the day to Self.  No coffee, ladies cleaning house so I could go back now to find what I need to find or I could go to the caf’ here and treat self to a coffee.. ugh, decisions for the writer, always, always decisions and some direction to pick but I’m fine with it.  More than fine with it.  that’s life.  That’s my life.  And, as Craig said, “Life is too short.” True.  So I move quicker, quicker to my goal and my office… need to take pictures today, without any drop of fail, and use the ones I shot the other day at that Sebastopol Winery (which I still have to write about).

Want to fit in a run as well.  Should I do speed work on tread or pound pavement?  Could run in Howarth Park, or…. I’ll figure it out.  Just need to stay busy, stay moving and tireless.. exercise my superpowers like my son in his Batman costume, boasting to all of us who he is today, and last night trying on the costume.