Goal:  Be More

Colon, semicolon, period—

what if I had no punctuation

what if it never ended

my story

my observations

this cup of coffee

whatever wine i later sip

what if i passed on the wine

stuck to water

got naturally inebriated from

a hydrogen-oxygen blend

that could work

that will work

i’ll keep working

look over notes later

maybe study for a couple hours to some decaf

have to buy that

go to store

feel like I should rest …

there, ellipses, that counts for punctuation,

and so do commas, right?

I’m getting too official and don’t want to stop

but something’s telling me I need a walk, I need

a staircase, a path, a parking lot…

start engine, leave slot, drive up side-street to

main drag, then 101.

I guess it has to end, at some point.

I’ll go fast till that wall.