wine sketchez

Had last night, while out to dinner with wife at Monti’s, Santa Rosa.  Telling red blend with a passionate flavor pulse– musical and musing and beguiling with a wild wheel of fervent flavor.  Red fruit and scented, accented phenols.  It’s one of the wines that shows you how inspiring the melody of food and wine can be.  Narrative and noted in my notes that night, when wife left the table for a moment I let it speak to me, revealing that Sonoma County approachability and intricacy. The wine opens to woo with more sumptuous climate and angularity, more resonance and focus, for us as sippers more reflection.  An unexpected boon on a night with wife…  Driving home I kept reinterpreting and re-reinterpreting what I tasted, how it aligned with the rotisserie chicken.  Only cinematic and memorable, haunting and holistic.  Where does the writer get a bottle?