To bed, after run.

Not the energy I thought I’d have.  The 6.3+ miles on tread has finally caught me and ordering me to go to bed for early-early rise.  No wine tonight.  Shooting for 3 pages, all to blog.  Writing possibly on winery visit today, to coming semester, to the next run.

Now eating popcorn (my night cap), and sipping ice water.  Only a minute or two before I turn off news, walk upstairs to bed.

Alarm set.

Tomorrow morning…  Craft, don’t let me fail.  I can’t fail.  Coffee made and in new tumbler mother-in-law bought just this past xmas.

I’m ready for the morrow.  Giving myself a late xmas present with tomorrow morning’s session.  Coffee and composition– Newness, Newness is storm-like loads.