Learning that the semester only dictates positives.  The negatives can be overlooked.  Not overlooked so much as just taken with certain tempered consideration.  See everything as put there for you.  And arising challenges, or obstacles, confrontations, love them more than the easy transactions.  The collisions build Personhood.  At least that’s what I’m finally finding at my old age.  The thoughts compile on this day off that’s not much of a day off, as I write from campus, in the shared adjunct office which is more a cell than anything.  But, no negatives.  I’m writing my thoughts and reactions as they come.  And what’s around me and in my circulation and circuitry is that yay-saying yodel.  It’s like this day and tomorrow, and yesterday, all perpetuate fortune for my favor… truly rigged for me.  As an adjunct, an existence which can be profusely negative if you let it, there are times when it’s tempting, to just give in to the negativity, to be bitter and blame everything for whatever you want and just be an angry adjunct.  But not this semester, as it closes this week and next.  Next semester, I’ll share creative positivisms in ways I never have.  I will fight with my yay-saying sentences, sentencing the negatives on campus and away from campus to a joyous death, me never having to deal with them again.  Consideration of everything, after this semester and its challenges, advantageously and poignantly tempered.  This is something I need to work at maintaining, though.  I have to plan more.  I have to take more notes in a centralized spot.  I have a Composition Book dedicated to self notes, but I have been anything but assiduous in touching it.  It will contribute to the writer’s Personhood, taking more notes and planning more, writing out paths to happiness and little micro-zens throughout the day, week.  I’m still learning, I’m still learning…

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