from today’s 3 pages

…think of my character, Kelly, but right now I need to focus on the writer writing this, now that he’s finally awake.

November’s last day, then 31 days before a new year starts.  My only resolution for the newest year— write.  Be a writer.  Live more a writer.  3 pages a day.  Sell everything.  Don’t put on paper a single mark less you plan on selling it.  I know, I shouldn’t be consumed with selling, as Mom advised recently.  And I totally agree.  On paper, that statement makes firm sense.  BUT, in reality, in MY reality, the reality of a writer, I have to be concerned with selling.  Otherwise, why write?

Checking account balance, still quite pleased.  But, overhead is an everyday staple as an adult, as a parent.  So… belt tightened, but not too tight.  Why does money do this to us, make us think about it all the time, literally at ALL times?  What if I didn’t?  I’m not letting money into this moment, into my two hours of time to self and the page.  Not today.  No.  IS there any money in my backpack?—  SHIT.  See?  Can’t get it away from my lenses…