Walk outside then back.  Need three pictures.

img_8885-1So I took three and went for my walk, enjoyed a brief breath from desk.  Away but not too far.  Thinking of my winery, my one-day place, how the tasting room will feel and what I’ll want for myself, anyone visiting.  The outside world, just beyond that open door and out in the vineyard propels more inner illustration.  I get stuck in my own thoughts but then I just come back to one word.  Not ‘wine’, but ‘vineyard’.  Where the wine comes from.  Much more crucial and imperative as far as a story goes and what just the sight of a row can do to one’s mood.  Looking at them now.  2 of the Cabernet block, Clone 337, then the crush pad where the berries eventually find themselves, being guided into and through the ferment.  Story continuing for me here in wine’s net, its transformative palm where I won’t let myself stop observing.  Should go back out, just onto the porch and breathe a few times, just realize where I am—  This is where people vacation.  The owner of the winery once said, “We’re living people’s bucket list.” How could that not be seen as a cannonball of truth?  Took one more, from this desk, just to show you what the stage shows me everyday.img_8890

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