Called into It


img_8407My focus on this wine, the attention it forces me to wage as it wages its focus on me is something lovingly strange.  Given to me as a gift but I didn’t expect what catapulted from my senses and thinking in moments following.  First, Merlot was what made me chase wine in any regard– it was the first voice I noticed in wine, the first narrative shape and flavor arrangement.  It was its own climate, and it just spoke to me.  This bottle had the same impression, like I was that impressionable 22 year-old again, just getting into wine, learning about it.  It wasn’t a business to me– just fun.  Me buying a bottle to learn about it, any Merlot I could find at that store on Crow Canyon Road in San Ramon.

The deductive quality of it is strange, something I’ve never met before but am so immersed and…

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