Emma asleep, but this should be

just about the time where Murphy’s fucking law decides to have Jack come down here and be louder than a football player at the line, right after snap.  Little smirks in her sleep, small breaths, then little sighs accompanied by barely audible high-octave groans, indicating possibly some dream or agreeable vision.

Hungry.. what’s to eat here, for breakfast.. have no idea.  Have to email students.. should do that now but like I said I need a break, some time for ME.  Should Alice go for her usual walk around the lake, I’ll then sneak onto campus, do some grading and planning, reading, writing, whatever.. not letting time gear or instrument me today.  I’ll be steering, merci.

Only had one sip of coffee.. can change that, then brew another, then another, another—  Winemaker friend asked me recently, “So how much coffee do you think you drink in a day?”

I didn’t have an answer for him.  No creative should.

And there’s Jack— heard him hop out of bed and walk a bit.  More than likely he’ll head this way.  Small chance of him staying in his room to play with toys or read books, look at the pictures of the shark book that he always wants me to read him.  If he’s reading this much later in life, and if his friends and college classmates and colleagues are, I’m sure he’s embarrassed, and I apologize— just do note that I love the developments of his character, his sister’s.. and I’m not that strong of a writer, nor quick enough, to capture them all.  So I pen or type what I do and when I do.