Roth Estate Winery, 2009, Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley

$28 on the Roth Estate website?  Are you joking?  This Cab has the posture and consistency of any wine three times its price point.  Nice notes of black cherry, mocha, chocolate, with vanilla dominating the finish atop some mint and herbal tickles.  You could pair this with a number of dishes, like me with the lasagna tonight.  But now, just sipping it by itself, admiring its confident tones.  The nose, as it evolves over the first twenty minutes after cork removal, layers itself in mystery, sequential sip seduction.  I know I’m not making sense.  Hard to with a wine like this, an unbelievably distinct AV Cabernet.  Not sipping haphazardly with this bottle, but devotedly.  Not in the mood to rate.  Just sipping, delighting.