viciously vino; wine retaliation

1/1/12, Sun.  New Year, new project.  Cliché, and comforting.  Not bottled anymore, me.  Last night’s Cabernet, still talking to me.  Telling me to be productive, from day one.  Today.  Editing my book down tonight, hopefully.  The blogs are going to pay.  They better.  No free writing, not anymore.  Many in the wine industry will take whatever free labor they can get; free marketing, advertising, labor.  Don’t expect any such from this writer.

Posted the first offer to 1Stop today.  Was the first thing I did this morning, while sipping the morning mocha.  Just hoping it produces a couple sales.  Helps Kaz, me.  Aim: to have bottles sold through, generating more traffic to 1Stop, earning it more credibility.  All focus, on wine.  Always.  This new blog, just a journal.  Completely absent of chains, restraint.  This blog, written by this once-bottled ox, a way to convey, share what’s really on the thought plate.

Was thinking again where I’d like my office to be, for 1Stop.  Downtown Santa Rosa, suddenly a candidate.  But, I do love downtown Napa.  But the commute is costly.  1Stop needs to persist, subsist, on a shoestring budget, as to maximize future profits.  We’ll see.  Time, 4:38p.  This new year, already flying by, cruelly, monstrously.  Need to keep writing, keep selling wine; keep tasting, sampling, buying; all about wine, writing–no, writing and THEN wine; writing about wine.  Today, great strides towards my Autonomy, in both arenas, with my 2 blogs.  And, the book…  Not a bad start to the year.  Tonight, need to organize some ideas for 1Stop before I follow through with them, just a couple.  May post again, a review of wine I tasted last night.  Well, actually drank.  But only had 1 glass.  Think that warrants a revisit, re-familiarize Self with subject.  sipNscribble, certainly.

5:50p.  Getting organized with 1Stop.  Unprecedented, my focus with this effort.  Need to be consistent, though.  If I have a problem, it’d be with the follow-through.  Not anymore, as I can in no way afford not to succeed with 1Stop, MY business.  I’ve met so many people in wine’s industry, owning their own businesses, who are not just idiotic on the social level, but demonstrate hardly a pour of ownership perspicuity.  Business prowess, essentially none.  So, I’m beyond positive that if they can own and somehow survive as their own employers, have their own business, I’ll be aloft within a couple months, tops.  Like Dad has long told me, “If that jerk can do, so can I.”  Salut’, Dad …

1Stop is a response to my view of wine’s world.  “The industry,” as it’s called.  There is no elevation with 1Stop.  Just Humans that love wine.  I don’t believe in bottle price minimums, max’s.  Just drink what you like.  And that’s what I love about selling wine, connecting good people with the wine they love to drink.  How could that approach ever be objectionable? Leaving the keyboard for ink, Composition book.  The ’09 Cabernet, calling me.  About to move brush about shy canvas.  Forever a writer.