Jonata “Todos” Red Wine, 2008, Santa Ynez Valley

Nice wildness to the fruit, which comes from a number of varietals.  I want to say nine, if you can believe it.  A good friend of mine, impressively familiar with Jonata’s portfolio, shared the following with me: 67% Syrah, 14% Cab, 6 Petite Verdot, 5 Merlot, 3 Viognier, 2 Sangiovese and 2 Cab Franc, 1 Sauv Blanc.  Whew…  Tannin management, expertly executed, to be modest.  This is a sipper, as well as one for pairing.  Blackberries, chocolate, earthy smoke on nose, voluptuous palate, and a myriad of layers to the finish.  Notes most pronounced to me, consistently, nose to finish: black cherry, wild spices, herbs, coffee.  Gracefully determined in character.  This wine has an excitingly unorthodox nature to it, which must be the reason I’m still pouring it for myself.  Great consistency in gradation, subtlety, each sip.  Definitely a fortunate find.  Another sip …

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