Commute was horror.

Fuck EVERYTHING, just my mood.

Laughing at things, in this office and beyond.

I have to laugh, otherwise I die.

Thinking of the Nurse, her kindness and buying me a latte this morning… her arm around me, soft kiss, telling me she loves me and how she can’t wait for tonight.

What’s getting me through this shit…

Got here late but don’t care.  11:39 now, walked through the doors at about 10:30 I think.  4 inbound leads, already called two.  See where those conversations go.

Nurse tells me about dinner tonight, she’s cooking.  Can’t wait… just keep thinking about that, the drive, a glass of something when you get there.  Sitting by the fire by the pool listening to music with Oliver the Australian Shepherd near us.

Peace… again laughing.  Humor, Sedaris in my head, I’m looking at things like he does now.  Really, and I’m getting pretty good at it.

Brought a lunch today, which is rare.  Had to go back to the house to get it, left garage door open and neighbor Nichole called to tell me and she closed it thank EVERYTHING.

Another call, now another conversation started.  Commute effects fading, me in a zen send.  Smile.  Grateful.