Leaving in about three hours I’d say.  Need to buy more memory.  Will do tomorrow when working in the office… have to make kids do something other than light chaos… write when back in CA.



Emma and Henry still asleep.  Jack awake.  Looking at list for day, composed on drive home yesterday.  Not sure how much of it I’m going to hit, or even want to.  Maybe I should just relax today, not do much.  Work in the office as much as I want, then relax.  I am still, I guess technically if I see it that way, on vacation.  So….

Coffee to start, and looking through pictures.  Henry being silly in the driveway and garage yesterday before leaving, Emma and I at the rest stop for lunch.  Jackie suggesting to his younger brother and sister to toast with a Capri Sun, to a great vacation.

Again, goddamnit, it went by too fast.  Now look at me—  Don’t see it like that, I remind myself.  Learn from them, the EVERYTHING in AE. Their calm, their simple priorities, their emphasis on play and enjoyment, doing what makes them happy and and chasing results, just to see what happens.

They don’t have some fucking list for their day, so I won’t either. Quote me on that, WHOMEVER….  Do need to get some office supplies, and promised Jackie and Emma cozy blankets for their beds at my house.

May do one another thing, then another—  See?  It just compiles and fucking adds up.