Call with Sales Engineer, looking at time… leaving in an hour and ten to get little Henry, big kids.  Dnner planned, all is right with the poz loft world.  

Obsessed with the idea of prospecting, and small business… how to blend the two.  What to do… be it a coffee shop or some neighborhood hardware store, or salon, restaurant, trinket shop or grocery store…. The loyalty and community reliance on that small business, the people there..

Not sure where this is going, and I LOVE the feeling.  Exploration, playing like my little Henry does.  Today, like I’m graduating.  Like I’m newly credential.  Nothing eventual, all present and able to hold. 

Dad’s words yesterday… was it yesterday, or the day before?  Think latter… anyway—  No, it was yesterday.  Jesus… 

It drew something new.  Fearlessness and conviction, trusting in self and the Road I’m already one.. focus on BOOKS and my babies, family.

Distracted, now back.  Being away from them, my babies, the most seismic anxiety lace.  I’ll see them soon, I keep saying.

A shop, of some kind.  Small business means that to me.. the front door, windows, register.

The walk earlier, only making me obsessed, obsessed with the obsession.