Busy day of course.  Bed well before 10 and up before 6:40 alarm.. First event of note, Henry when I wasn’t lookin either fucking kneed or head butted Emma in the nose, with his little melon head.  Haven’t seen a bloody nose like that I think since I’ve been a dad.  Definitely injected some nerves and stress with time, much I spent with her trying to extinguish it and get it to clot which took a while.  Jack’s game, then Emma’s soccer where she scored 4 goals I believe, 3 at the least but I’m willing to bed 4.

3:18 tired finally had lunch a bit ago, and now rely.  Not sure I’m going o be able to write again for the remainder of the day except for notes in journal and maybe some voice dictation straight to blog with 1 tag, #singledad.

Calm in the loft, was able to do dishes.  Even more calm.  Interacting interactions with x, but a boring topic.  How can mention co-parenting story or two, especially when one side isn’t interested in cp, and, more comically, unable.

OH my god my eyes are fucked.  Couldn’t see the count.