Another Sunday entirely to myself.

Have aims set, not writing it here but rather demonstrating to myself.  Laundry on… have to clean the loft and this goddamn office, desk top.  Walking to get a latte in a sec.  Will need 4 shots and possibly a sparkling water from their fridge.

Should hear something tomorrow.  Technically off tomorrow but—  OH, have to write and post my OOO message.  I’ll do that later, if I remember.  Today needs to be be one of progress and changing the currency of my story.  That is, a NEW story.

Not much to relay from yesterday’s lunch, other than they gave me my own table and booth, and two different people, kids, asked me what I wanted to drink.  Chardonnay of course, and the veggie burger.  Lady at the table next to me with either family or friends telling another lady she recognized at the table next to her with her husband and kids.  First woman is a teacher I believe, the second’s kids’ teacher or one of them.  First tells second how free she is now that she’s divorced, can go for drives for any reason and can involve herself in things and activities she couldn’t before.  “Good for her.” I thought.

Laundry… the goal of goals today.  And this office.  Run to Target and get those Swiffer things.  And whatever else strikes for keeping this condo clean and uncluttered.  Getting distracted looking around the desk and shelves next to me.  Then indecisiveness grips me a bit.  Combatted with a walk to the café, get a latte.  Maybe walk around the Sunday Farmer’s Market.  Oh wait, I don’t think that starts till, what, 10?

How does Dad do it, setting systems in place and staying on top of them, not get cluttered or encumbered by what life brings… receipts, papers, mail, bills and whatever else.  Have to throw things away, need to get better at that.  Not hang on to shit.  That’s what drags you down, obviously.  Slows you and contributes to that indecisive weight.