Bed early last night, and up early.  Time 7:41 and already at desk with latte, ready for day and canvassing.  Me, a new and reborn writer and blogger, certain of what I want.  Thinking about the kids and their day today, learning and their curiosities.  How quick they grow and what they recognize, retain.

Supremely motivated this morning.  Tuesday, my day to renew and find new self-truths.  Kerri this morning sharing some ideas, as she did last night.  Work, life, kids, happiness, going forward and building. 

Everything in the moment, the Now… I see that.  Not stressing about how messy or cluttered this desktop is, like I said yesterday.  Everything is good and loving around me.  Even those that speak their negative barbs.  No allowing the lugubrious Me to speak.  Only this one – the one in love, the one writing, enjoying his morning before the workday has even really began.

Quick poem.  Something in me changed in the past couple hours, since waking around 6….  Kerri with her new assignment and story in Calistoga or St. Helena today.  Excited for her, what it’ll do, provide her.

I love this, the time before the day lifts off.  Appointment at 2:30, then 4, then Emmie’s school.  Can’t wait to see the classroom, her little face and the surprise when I’m there.  Everything is them, the kids.  Capture as much of it now as I can… time just speeding with no consequence.

Peace again returning to me in this room, the loft office, my workday as it starts.  Far too addictive and encouraging being up this early, at the desk like this.  Ne lessons and topic in the early day unity, antagonizing.  Me here now with moving vessel and synapses, free and liberated in new ways – new music to my truest view.  Now my scope with not boundary or rope.