Starting to get annoyed by all this paper on the desk’s surface. 

Where did all these post-it’s come from?  If I don’t remember something or to do some task then it isn’t worth remembering, right?  Thinking of reasons to just throw away these post-it’s and anything else.  Minimalism, I boasted this condo would embody.  So far I’m doing pretty well, but today I obsess and fixate on THINGS.  Paper, pens…. Receipts, printed calendars, the change jar, books and pictures.  Luckily it’s just this corner of the office floor and not scatter from this wall to that one where the TV is.

Close documents I left open on this machine.  Getting rid of anything and everything I don’t need, that’s not needed and will never have a REAL need.  Which I could lump x in with all this shit.  Kidding, but not really.  At this point…..

Quick shower.  Receipts frist.  They drive me crazy, already forming a small pile.  But then I kill it, entering every one.  Then taking this laptop to the sofa seat… desk even more clean and clear, with better Composition.  I right myself in this seat, taller and straighter, writing to a beat…