#blogeverythingnow …..  The immediate.  Little if any editing or polish. Just candor, reality reiterated.  Back in the sofa seat after looking at the sales board just sent out to all the AE’s and Agency.  Me, one of the leaders for the first time in MONTHS.  I don’t celebrate, but rather study.  How I got there, what I do now… and what to build from what I’ve built this month.

This new project, meant to get business owners and people to see not just value but foundation in what’s already present.  Coffee shop… blog about the cups, the walls, the pictures on those walls. Of course I’m thinking of Noto, but other shops as well.  ME, as a “shop”.  Writer on a couch and not at desk, setting up writing area, small but more than enough.  The quiet of this office room, the BRICK looking back at me and congratulating the writer for finding HIS home, office, base, shop.

What’s right in front of me has only been fantasized, imagined, dream, and bitterly pictures from envious points.  Now, it’s where I am, where I do what I do.  Create, speak, play with ideas and new fantasies and images, dreams and educating and encouraging pictures.  I am where I need to be.  Simplicity, the thesis and throw of EVERYTHING.