Calls… FRIDAY.

Treated self to Noto sandwich and latte after taking big kids to their campuses.  Easy morning, overwhelmed by the grip of gratitude.  Near done with calls, spoke to a man that produced a film about Jack Kerouac I must have seen over 100 times.  Tells me he still has battle wounds from producing it.  So I get into Kerouac mode, think about this rom and condo all over again like I do every morning but in a way that wakes me up alongside the espresso shots from the Café Noto Latte.

Easy morning with kids, can barely believe it.  Taking Emma to her campus, then Jack as per Jack’s voiced preference.  My single dad depiction and recollections even while they occur right in front of me int he kitchen upstairs or when putting them to bed like last night with Emma requesting multiple tuck-ins and kisses.

Watching Jack at batting practice yesterday and the obvious symbol of an at-bat, swinging, just making contact… putting my fingers on these keys differently this morning.  

Pens telling to write in the RECORD journal like yesterday and day prior when in that odd feeling, not so much a mood.