this morning

Relaxing shower, sent FLIGHT to Mark, now doing the same for self.  System, stay on top of it meaning this writing and these mornings, more crucially my attitude and mood.

Call at 9, wine-related.  Then one at 3:30, tech.  Like I noted Mark, the landscape in business has changed and that means I have to as well.  Pretty simple.

Smooth jazz and espresso. Desk a mess but I don’t care right now, that’s not a concern.  I am, my business.  Happiness and the Composition of it clearer.  Last night tasting the SB from Duckhorn and the Pinot from Banshee…. I had to laugh, struggling to write notes in the RECORD journal.  Why, I thought.  You’re writing about wine.. stop thinking in those descriptor approaches.. Speak to and from the wine, and stop with the excess deliberation.  It’s only wine.

Tuesday, my favorite day of the week for months now.  Thought about taking today off as you know, but why I thought getting out of the shower then shaving and looking at myself and noticing my face change.  I’m changing, aging, but still I guess with a bit of youth.  Hot today so no outside run.