Went to store, spent way more than I thought I would.  EOD sent to Mark, now I can relax.  Writing about wine tonight… first in journal tonight, then typing tomorrow.

Still feel off from the 4.3 miles.  Not sure if it’s mild heatstroke, or just heat effect or what.  Noticed it especially in Safeway, walking down one isle.  I just felt, I don’t know… OFF.

What did I drink, 3 sparkling waters right after?  Quiet down here in the office, going back to loft in a minute.  Duckhorn SB, on sale.  So I had to get a bottle.  When was the last time I had that?  No idea, maybe when Chris and I tasted in Anderson Valley.  Wonder what he’s been up to.

Shit, receipts starting to stack up again.  Only down here a few minutes and already I need a break.  So I fucking take one.  A wine break, which will entail more than a glass as you might imagine this wine writer’s decided.

Old pictures of vineyards and wine, me thieving from a barrel TEN YEARS AGO.  Always there.  Wine in the story and the story being wine, ME being wine and speaking and seeing from it.