Waiting on a conversation, and I’m terrible with waiting and patience and temperament given the intensity of my character.  And now that the coffee’s really kicked in.  Have to try, slow down.. relax.  Enjoy the smooth jazz.  Maybe treat yourself to a latte, given the quota discovery.  Fucking sales….. it’s such cooker, oven, walking on coals-type of theatre.

Professor Mikey very much alive now, much more than when I woke up.  Thought I might have covid or something.  Seriously.  Just a 20 left in wallet after buying dinner for Mom and Dad and I last night.  Again helping me around the house, with the freezer and other things.  Want to do the same for my babies.  Imagine if x had a willingness or even interest in co-parenting, I’d be even more positioned for such.  Can’t think of that.  She won’t change, it’s all on me and I’m fine with this.  More than “fine”.

The quota news lifting me… with all this adversity given the market and out product set… wow.  What else can I do?  Fucking ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want.  So what do I want from the day…. Hard to say.  The way it’s started I’m more or less appeased.  But I should want more.  Be greedy.  Greedy with my passion for life, writing… words, poetry and music.  Just had an idea.  Yes another one.