I get it now.. EVERYTHING

Readying for a walk, maybe a small latte at Noto.  Write Windsor, film it.. documentary-intentioned.  Listening to the Boozoo Bajou playlist, nothing in this morning but elevation and perspective… new mind, OPPORTUNITY.  New writing and pages, finally a book.  My winery… whoso wines.

Going for a walk, just to do so…. Film the merchants, the traffic, the Windsor cops if there are any out, or the Sonoma County Sheriffs.  Already over 1000 words.  Me the writer in the morning, soon as I got out of bed, what I wanted to do.  What I HAD to do.  Same with wine… my wines and hopefully those I’ll make with my sister.  Really no one else I want to make wine with.  Can’t do it on my own, and honestly have no interest in making wine.  I’ll be on the bench trials, taste through lots and blocks, even be there for the early picks, but that’s about it.  My lane, the storyteller.  Finalized.  Ready for walk, for recording…. Windsor, my topic this morning.  How I got here in this condo… part of it sad, I guess.  But all of it EDUCATING me on ME.