11:49 break.  Shower, shave.  Leave for store at 1, on its dot.


Shower, shave, resisting nap trap in thoughts right after above note.  Went to store and bought everything I need and then some for weekend.  Came in under budget but not by much.  Walking money assigned for weekend, if we go out anywhere.  Can be anything extravagant, that’s for sure.  Thinking one of my beach drive.  Kept on checking time while at Oliver’s waiting for the slices of turkey and ham, 1/2 pound each.  Enough for Henry to eat but who knows what he’ll love and hate this weekend.  Always a mystery, always a game of sorts.

1:37 now, going to make final call of day, most recent inbound that’s actually in our fiber territory.  Then in car, get kids… ask them what they want to do, what would make them happy.

1:46, call done and readying to leave.  Looking forward to a drive.  Next week promising myself and readers of this blog and book that I’m in the Field, ALL WEEK, next week.

Leaving Oliver’s saw two guitarists, jazz, and a trombone player.  Playing something café-like, reminding me of some of my favorite Miles and Coltrane tracks.  Wanted to stay and listen, but I couldn’t had to keep moving unpack groceries as soon as I was home, then rush a lunch in kitchen.  1:56, time to get kids.  Use restroom, think of anything to keep them occupied from when all are in car to dinner time.

Single dad mode, all engines.  Write everything, capture it all on camera and write about it Sunday night and Monday when I take my personal day which I will absolutely bloody do.