Going to San Carlos in a couple hours. 

Don’t want to head down there now and start dropping in on businesses at 9-something.  Want to give people a chance to settle in, get their week started.

7:52, tried going back to sleep but work thoughts and visions of the kids, what I want to do differently as a writer and business bloke wouldn’t let me.  So I got dressed and hopped down the stairs to make espresso.  Near done with this first.  Thinking coffee after, something more substantial and that takes longer to finish.  More caffeine, that’s my real goal.

Know the exact spot I’m going to start.  Cross streets written in AE Notebook 1, will write in small journal, the baby blue, in a bit.  Tempted to walk and get a latte but no, DIFFERENT.  This entire day needs to be just that.

Coffee made, now back in chair.  Will be interesting going back to my old neighborhood.  First time since… I think… when I started in the AAE story.  2019 sometime.  So nearly 3 years.