Frist day in Sunriver, full day.

Kids eating breakfast, no run as planned. Coffee, cartoons, turned in time sheet for work.

Can’t remember what we have planned today. Dad told me last night that sun-up is 5:40 something. If I’m to get anything done, running or writing, it has to be at that time. Or earlier.

Strict no wine or beer practice while here. Stay ahead of everything. And everyone if possible.

So far, first single dad trip, even with Mom and Dad’s help…. stressful, dizzying, exhausting. Snuck away first thing for shave, shower. Feel new. Coffee from Keurig helping.

Shouldn’t be writing like this, straight to blog on AE laptop. Only time I’ll do it this vacation.

Emma finishes her breakfast, goes back to cartoons. First box to check for day, down to Village area to rent bikes for kids and myself. After that to water slides for kids. Driving by it, SHARC, kids pointed at each slides and all the kids lining up, turning to each other to talk and see who’s behind them…

Henry wanting something, not sure what. He goes back to his little seat at the table where the toys are, where he can turn right and see cartoons. This is not a test but education, on dad life and where I am… Mike Madigan and his spot in the story.

“I need to go potty…” Emma announces. She gets up and walks down the hall. Hnery continues to play with his cars across the table, that back and forth across the table made from old reclaimed railroad ties.

“Gonna be a hot one today.” Mom says. She’s right, 90-something. Need to write in one spot… either her on blog or the MM laptop doc. Me against me, or me collaborating with me – this new Mike Madigan. This trip confirms it, in a widening sky of perspectives.