Henry being relatively cooperative.  Prepping my OOO (Out Of Office) message for next week.  Sipping coffee and getting hungry.  Emma still needing to get dressed  and brush teeth, told her she could be a little lazy today.  She said she wanted a sandwich from Oliver’s and I agreed, may even get Henry one, a half that I tear apart and he can eat as he likes.

Am using this trip as a test or sovereign single dad story.  See how I do, self-evaluate and assess, even assign self a grade when it’s over, when their mother picks them up on Sunday.

Attitude, mood, taking a step back, maintaining Composition… that’s what will make this work, what will ensure an enjoyable nature.  Don’t stress when Emma and Jack fire everything they have at each other and when Henry turns into the short pudgy little Taliban he’s capable of manifesting in a half-blink.

Picture I just took of him, you’d never know.  That’s him, yes.  But only one side.