Growing up going to Sunriver every Summer with my parents, now the cycle

comes back to me but I’m the parent.  Of course Jack is the only one close to the age I remember, but still…. A parent, single dad, with his kids on vacation in the high desert.  Oregon… want to do maybe MY President’s Club trip there, celebrating the blog and whenever the DFO book.

At Dan and Sue’s at 2….  Gives me about 3.5 hours to produce something from this office.  Groceries bought, so no need to go out.  Not in the mood for Noto, and can’t really afford it at this time, that’s for sure…. Sit here, wait, stay in the chair.  Like the SSU student Mike trying to finish a paper right before the due hour.  Hilarious… when the kids are here I wish for time to self then when I have it I’m like, “Okay… so how do I do this?” Can only laugh.

Sent the x a message over that stupid co-parenting app, asking to kindly wish the kids a happy 4th but who knows if the idle-headed tireless liar will communicate it.  Whatever, I’m thinking of my kids, all their silliness and annoying ways and screams a few days ago.  Henry and I staying up late watching Cocomelon…. Jack afraid he was going to get sick again and Dad and I telling him he’s just tired.  Checked on him twenty minutes later and he fell asleep in a thinking pose, laying down with hand stretched along his forehead.