I call up to Emma, asking how Henry is doing and she says she’s watching him. 

Feel more than loads of guilt not being up there with them.

Just checked on everyone, got Henry dressed.  Stable.  For the moment.  Not sure why I get so stressed.  It’s more work than the kids, for sure.  Hoping that’ll be resolved sooner rather than later.  One of the decision makers is OOO (Out Of Office) till the 16th I think, when I get back from Sunriver.  By then I should know something.

9:48…. Thought about making another call, and maybe I will.  Find an architecture firm in Santa Rosa, downtown.  Or go in a different direction.  Near impossible to concentrate or complete any calls with Henry and Emma running just above me.

Just as I thought about tomorrow and why am I hanging with Chris, much I enjoy his coming, what am I going to get out of it and what if I didn’t spend the money on lunch and a glass of wine afterward at Bellacana more than likely… he texts me to cancel, says he picked up an extra job tomorrow and can’t pass up the “$”.  Couldn’t agree with him more… I will spend tomorrow on this blogging practice and business, the blogging lessons and instruction… my philosophy on blogging – the productivity composition and why do it, what it does for a story, a brand, business, etc.

Can’t help but find the timing as a message from the Story itself, not so much “the universe” as people say.

This is an opportunity, and invitation, a shift in the story meant as gift to character.