Took a nap for about an hour and everything in the room said LEAVE.

Have a call at 2:30, and have committed to self to staying in this chair and in this side room till an idea lands and controls my thinking.  The meeting with the IT guy gave me this idea, he mostly focusing on office-based businesses like lawyers and doctors, CPA’s and such, now moving to climate tech since he’s passionate about the outdoors and climate change.  That’s what I need, and TODAY.  So I’m giving self till 3:30…..  Then going to an old writing spot.

Sent pricing to a new prospect, the one with whom I had the call yesterday.  Now, more waiting.  Which quite bluntly I’m getting fucking sick of.

Changing attitude, sipping coffee, getting closer to call time.  Not many people in office, and on the window of this side room is a note saying only two people at a time.  New variant consequence.  Getting sick of covid world, but it’s the world and what we’re all in now.

Went to Del Valle for lunch, sitting outside in thick air, listening to cars and people talking in their cars, windows rolled.