Starting early this morning, earlier than usual – or maybe just different.

Emailed director Mark, prep’d letter to students… just need plan meeting, write out and post to blog.  7:46 clock says.. perfect.  Right where I want to be at this time.  No music, just quiet of the house, coffee, sounds of hands skipping from one key on this keyboard to next.

Obsessed with the idea of consolidation, of bringing things in and having books be like benchmarks or reminders of me to me and the world and people around me.  Yesterday tasting room didn’t allow for as much typing as I wanted, but did manage to take notes.  There’s always time for notes, a note to self or a quick jot where I can build later.

No wish to watch the news.  Well, maybe a little.  See what’s going on around the Bay, with covid, with whatever.  Call at 10:30 with prospect and Engineer.  Hopefully she doesn’t flake this time like the other 2 calls we had schedule and I log into the conference bridge and all I hear is that ambient trip-hop.

Cars parked on the street.  Why don’t these mammets use their bloody driveways?