Maybe I do need a glass of wine.

Think of buying books but don’t let myself.  DON’T DO IT.  You have e-nough to read.  The house is not driving me crazy, but to a BOOK.  If I have a glass now, I’ll want another, then I’ll get hungry, then have another… so what?  Maybe that’s what I need.  I spend too much on wine,I realize looking through my ledger which I call the “Every Penny Project”.  And dinner, lunch, breakfasts and Starbucks for the kids.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t making the money I am now.  Yeah, that will probably bite me someday.

I hate when I find a pile of receipts on my desk.  Reminds me of my laziness.  Speaking of, empty the jar.  Ugh, don’t want to.


Counted.  I deserve wine, I thought, so I poured some.  A ’20 Rosé, Balletto.  It’s Rosé, I mean, what do you want me to say?  Kids will be home any minute.  The feeling I have is like if there were a big storm headed this way. As in, toward my life.  Not a California storm where if you get like not even an inch of rain …