Hour Move


So now’s the parcel of the day where it starts to slow, maybe even get a little boring.  If you let it.  You look at the clock and you want to take a lunch break but you know if you take it now, around noon or 12:15 or 12:30, you’ll have around four more hours to work.  It’s slow today, and what do you do?  Well, what you can do is keep moving, for you.  Brainstorm… write down goals or dreams, or simple day-to-day aims.  Anything!  Of course being a writer I recommend writing, but do something for you.  If you have a dream job or career, research it!  I’m choosing to remain moving, keep my fingers typing for the coming semester and for my other writing efforts, and just write down dreams and things I see for myself in the coming year.  Everyone’s talking about 2017 being the best year ever, ever…  EVER!

The only way to make any year great is to act with greatness and take great and even risky steps.  I don’t care how much time I have left when I get back.  I’ll use it, use it for getting to where I want to be even before 2017 starts.  Today’s December 29th, and I have a roster of aims for today.  I’m not worried about ’17 yet ’cause ’16 is still here.  And this day, the 29th, is going to be the best of the month, of the year, of EVER.  This part of the day is different for me and I know that’s from how and who I am.  I have to be this way.  Not just for  me, but for  my kids.  Their daddy needs to be a hard-working papa– an obsessively hard-working dad.  I don’t care how much time I have left in my “shift”.  This is the portion of the day where you decide how the rest is to go.  Should the narrative be fiery and eruptive, or lazy and gelatinous with indecision?  Guess what my answer is.  Today might as well be 2017.  Or ’18.  Or five years ago.  Doesn’t matter.  I’m getting what I want in complete dismissal of the numbers on that calendar.  I’m moving.  Now it’s your turn.