wine sketchez

img_9243-1A Merlot that is more than the stereotype, it negates the stereotype which is an unruly pin.  From the dark smokey olfactory lean to the encompassing palate.  Fruit and structure, conviction and demanding dialogue.  Forget that it’s a Merlot, if you have an edge against Merlot.  This was a voice from wine I needed to hear– sincere conviction, sauntering across and beyond my senses with melodic ardor.  Near and distant, dark and light, a delicious dichotomy with syllabic syncopation in profile and its mise-en-scène sense.  Rich and deep with presence and its beat continues into the next sip.  Self-personifying in a way that most Merlots can’t be.

While finishing the first glass, before even thinking of pouring a second, I stared at the bottle, the artful adornment on all sides, varying colors and balances and suggestions.  Was nothing but a savory spell, this 2012 from Meeker, a producer I haven’t sipped from or visited in a while.  This wine defined the night’s writing session and how I closed the day.  Just the story I needed, just the galaxy I wanted to meet, and the ghostly wave I knew Merlot could always bestow.

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