Hate being sick. 

There’s nothing more I hate than being sick.  BUT, did manage to fit in a 4+ hour nap when I came home, after shoveling some minestrone into my character.  Just had a cup of coffee, as I still feel tired and the littles will be here soon.  They accept nothing but a fully-formed papa.  And that’s what I have to be.  May make self another cup, and get some sparkling water from the store down the street.  When this cold passes, I will turn into a fucking T-Rex.  I’m going to devour this semester, this semester to end all semesters, and get what I want.  Which is more than travel, more than a new car, more than paying off credit card debt, but FREEDOM.  This semester’s students, and our work together, will get me and my family everything we want.  And will get my students the experience they want, in whatever class their in.  No time for any nay-saying.  MY scope and ideology is predicated on and in a fiery yay…

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