Checking in on ’11

2011’s.  How are they shaping?  I asked one Sonoma County Winemaker, and he told me it’s too early to really tell.  His first impression glittered with optimistic settlement, but I could tell he was self-tempering.  He called the vintage “troublesome.” Another winemaker, this one one from Russian River, told me that what was brought in, and what’s now being tasted from barrel, shows “spectacular promise,” as she put it.  She said, “2011 holds more depth and dimension that 2010, I think.” But, I realize, it also depends on what the consumer wants, expects in a wine.  If they want all vintages to replicate 2007, or even ’08, the disappointment is inescapable, inevitable.  The first proof set, obviously, some SB’s and stainless Chardonnays set to be released between April and June, mostly.  Aside from that, I’m told by other Sonoma and Napa Winemakers, we just have to see what happens.  “But that’s what makes it fun, and a lifelong challenge for us,” one in Dry Creek cheered yesterday, while in his tasting Room, sipping an ’07 Zin with me.  I agree, but I’m also the consumer type that hates to love to hate to wait.  So, another sip…

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