Sentenced the second guessing of self to permanent parking. No more movement. Except for Me. (5/20/14)

Jackie, still coughing, but not as much.  But after his 2+ hour sleep, he’s revived in a way […]

Home for day with little Kerouac.  Been up with him since 4-something.  Just posted to teaching blog.. closer […]

Snoring baby, turned over watch, full pages, don’t swivel, it’ll wake him, still, I have to sneeze, hold […]

Jackie sleeping. Me writing. With my mocha. Traffic on Yulupa. Rushing in morning while I enjoy this lock […]

I have to stop.  Just paying these bills, budgeting, saving.. stressing me.  Exhausting me even further since yesterday’s […]

After my closing argument in getting little Kerouac to his crib, with his band of gazing furred cohorts.  […]