Barbs thrown everywhere, bubble burst. I don’t mind. Comic strip. You, had a tall order. An avenue somewhere […]

I’m in a funny shape of character this morning. Not sure how to describe it with any wheel […]

8:47PM. India and I in the res room. A wine club member voicing her appreciation for my writing, […]

Different versions of a day. Outdated the while way. 4:03, slightly done, but another sip will make it […]

Acorns, twigs, Hood Mountain evidence, making some shape, I stop my car to look closer. I’ll be late.

Inner push for a singular story. But my character is where. Wouldn’t say I’m better, and don’t think […]

Terrain over the case, peace, a tonal still that only feels perfect. Games called, beaten by rants. (5/1/14)

Plot, without my turning a key, Lively, solely, lovely, Rewrite for what? I’m fine with the Rushed version, […]

Grass burdened by season escalation. Empathize from a parked car. They don’t speak our dialect. Too imagist, visual. […]