I’ll find the humor in everything, Art in whatever bends me to Frown. But I need more coffee.. […]

Sipping the rest of last night’s wine, now, in a coffee cup.  Looking to wake ridiculously early tomorrow.  […]

Would or could, either way there’s no motion, redirect stage, roller coaster concept. See if it works. It […]

Sipping the ’12 Syrah, Carmel Valley Winery, that I sipped last night, only one glass.  Today at estate, […]

Using photography, and wine as a subject for my liberation, just temporarily.  Exploring wine as I want to, […]

Distinguish the day from other by adding new marks to a wish list. But I’ll be quiet, and […]

The same print, it’s technology, telling us what to do, a tornado sighting, wires and buttons, voice commands, […]