Training a new Rep in a matter of breaths.  Productive day, to say the least, and more than productive but one of significant and exacted character development for me.  Tonight lecturing, know my direction.  Fixation on the story, telling one and writing one, reacting to one.  I must commit to logging everything, this semester.  In and most notably and imperatively outside the classroom.

Starting with a question, tonight.  What’s narration….?  Won’t have them take out notebooks or journals.  Not immediately.  Want them to relax.  Settle in.  Write in as few places as possible, note to this writer’s self.  Two journals to right, Sonic and Germany.  No laptop at moment except for this one, and the computer at home, the one in SRJC office.

Sipping coffee. Had it made extra strong.  The day has soared by me.  Adding Germany journal to stack of materials to take into training room.  Or, meeting room.  Same room in which I meet the Reps, everyday.  In mode, posture and mood and M character of characters—the writer, essayist, and I guess speaker.  Educator.  Idea purveyor.  This coffee is most profitably and pervasively working.


Counting and inventorying everything I do today.  The new year already started in my head and I’m starting my missions not as trite resolution efforts but consideration of my Now, what it wants from me, what I can gain from it.  Everything teaching me.  Doing my budget, seeing how much money I spend in the field on lunch.  Want to count it all, tally it, see what I would have saved but that’d only aggravate me, I’m sure.  So I won’t.  Forward, no lunches in field.  Coffee is fine, and a small bite, but only funded by coins.  Change.  So, carry a bag of with you when going out.  

Thinking about a shop, after and during my run.  I try to get away from wine, but I can’t.  I can sell and narrate wine like no one I know, honestly.  In inventorying everything today, knowing everything in the Now counts, I fixate on me, what I love and what I’ve done for work.  Mostly teaching, wine, blogging, writing.  Why not consolidate.  Would mean I have to start another blog, or restart the ‘vinovinevin’ project.  Going to not think about it, not excessively deliberate.  Just sit on the idea.  Tonight’s wines, writing about each.  The SB, white blend from Imagery I bought yesterday, the Pinot and red blend.  Or should I bring the Malbec….  Just a bit after noon now, and feeling exhaustion from the run.  6.3 miles, where I thought about a wine business and a marketing story, the connection to the Now, how all of this is not necessarily connected by contributing to the momentum of the next frame, place.

Now, everything I need.  More.  The understanding of your reality should always entail celebration.  With each morning and sip, each sight and breath.  The poetry of the Now rises from already-present music.  My music, now, vino scribbles and travel.

Morning Instruction New

Photo on 2-6-17 at 8.04 AM #2After 6.3-something run on treadmill, shooting quick video, and having a healthy post-speedwork snack, breakfast I guess, break, I’m in writing mode, eager for the day to challenge me.  Today, is so peculiar in its gentle and generous fluidity, in what it’s given me not only in terms of time table, but everything— sight and promise, the poetry of getting the babies out the door and into car completely sans problème.  I couldn’t understand it entirely, not then really, but now I see the entire day and I’m like a famished lion in the field with all those herds at my 12.  All I have to do is leap, run…

Wine country and the wine life is about dreams and visions ceasing in their vision stage and sense and becoming something you live.  Wine life to me deals little with actual wine.  Health of the vine should translate to those caring for them, to winemaking, winemakers, people selling… and I’m not just talking about minimizing consumption of wine but being a steward of self.  Caring for your body and thoughts, what you do with your time and where you create and what opportunities you draw for your self.

Time with my babies this morning making me more reflective about where I’m going, and the accentuation this morning was loud, voluminous and enveloping.  Now going back and forth sipping between some cinnamon dolce coffee I bought last night and a bottle of sparkling berry water I just bought on Hopper, at the same store I stop after gym treadmill sessions.  I feel alive this morning, healthy, so free having no papers to rush-grade and encouraged by everything I’ve so far done ce jour.

Wine is the consequence of care, and love.  For the soil, the vines, the clusters once present, monitoring the health of the yeasts and how they progress through their fermentation feed, the wine through aging and once bottled how that glass is stored, kept, and when open how treated.  Wine is a reward, good wine anyway, a result of close attention and as I said, love.

Today.  I love the day and my story more than I ever have.