Not as hellish as yesterday.  Not even close.  And in tonight’s thousand, I simply acknowledge the speeded spurt […]

Running soon.  Good.  I need to get outside.  This mood’s fading, yes.  But it’s there.. humming, growling, doing […]

4/28/14.  Came home, but I have to immediately leave.  When I return, I’ll more than likely nap for […]

Hope Jack sleeps thoroughly tonight. Going to have one more pour of the Res Cab, then spill the […]

Saturday. Mike knew it’d be frenzy, from early till after 5, when people started prolonging their tastings, probably […]

I finished a poem. Just after shower. I thought I needed more coffee. Maybe I didn’t, but I […]

He looked at his wine, in the new wine glass, one of four he purchased just more than […]