Nearly didn’t make it to the table, here in the nook, because of laziness, the idle after a […]

Three days till Summer session’s first day.. and I woke this morning feeling more ready than I ever […]

In the mood only to be lazy, research other places, whatever’s not here, not regular, not predicted and […]

In adjunct cell.  Done with syllabi composition.  Just posted to teaching blog.. now, I’m headed to bookstore to […]

9:01AM.  Clocking in one minute late.  OH well.  First thing on day’s list, and I do have a […]

Sipping the rest of last night’s wine, now, in a coffee cup.  Looking to wake ridiculously early tomorrow.  […]

Sipping the ’12 Syrah, Carmel Valley Winery, that I sipped last night, only one glass.  Today at estate, […]

After my closing argument in getting little Kerouac to his crib, with his band of gazing furred cohorts.  […]