Doing everything different this month.  Right now I’m on the couch in the living room, if that’s what you call this room, and typing.  Not at the small desk in the “office” as always.  6:58, had a little sip of the coffee I made last night. Working from home today.  No Field visit.  Going toContinue reading “7/1/20”

Month all but over.  

At coLAB, again, and just finished sending out some letters.  Had another salad for lunch, this one with no meat.  Grilled veggies rather, meaning mushroom strips (which at first I thought weren’t cuts of their skirt steak), peppers and onions. Couple more facets of my to-do that I need hit.  Then may walk around SantaContinue reading “Month all but over.  “

Aim for day…

Even with the day in the tasting room, 3000 words.  All wine words. About tasting, varietals, blends, waking early during harvest…. anything and everything wine and from my life. Working in the Caddis Room today off the Sonoma Square.  Looking forward to the drive and the music, thoughts of me and my wine quarter, wineContinue reading “Aim for day…”


Wrote in journal for a bit, cleaned out car–FINALLY–ordered iced coffee getting away from the over-priced and in no way economically viable latte. Packing up to go to coLAB.  Will get a sparkling water before.  No more coffee after the iced.  I’m re-writing my character today, and not like I’ve said before.  Something different… allContinue reading “10:38am”


In Sonic office. Had lunch up the street before arriving here.  Three veggie tacos and a sparkling water.  Wanted to do something different. Now that I’m here, I’ve been moving quick.  May send out a contract…. Fingers crossed.  Then I’m not sure what I’ll do.  Stay here and write till something happens.  An Account ExecutiveContinue reading “journal”

Waiting for plumber.

Weather outside begs me to run in it.  If only I would have honored my alarm, already had 6 or eight miles in.  ALREADY.  But you don’t, so…..  Look for businesses, look for conversations. Some leads I haven’t touched.  Again, I tell myself, create and find and procure your own leads. Found something that IContinue reading “Waiting for plumber.”