Sipping glass 2, New Dad Cuvée.  Yes, it’s in what’s referred to as “bottle shock”, but I enjoy […]

Day rewind, wish, or Forward. Either way my soles dance on Their floor, to their clock– a dumb […]

2014 ~ And I’m off…  With a new semester.  New students, new voices, new reactions. A new set […]

1/9/14:  Second Chardonnay glass.  1,000 words this morning reached, in Annadel.  Just sent letter to writing ally.  And […]

Trying to consolidate everything, generally simplify, but it’s difficult.  The packrating has to stop.  That’ll only stress me.  […]

Giving SElf 60 seconds to write this morning before going to see a former student, from this most […]